Get everything out of your summer trip to the Netherlands

15 Jul 2019  |  Inspiration

The summer is the season to make memories. And since there are so many fun activities in the Netherlands this summer, we are sure that your summer trip will be one you won’t forget. We have put together the best to-do tips for you.

Open air cinema nights

You can find them just about anywhere in the Netherlands this summer: open air cinemas. Because what else gives you the ultimate summer feeling as much as watching a good movie in the open air, armed with tasty snacks and drinks? From the ‘Pleinbioscoop’ in Rotterdam and open air movie festival ‘Pluk de Nacht’ in August to the weekly ‘Films with a View’ at Pllek Amsterdam: you can expect a whole lot of outside entertainment this summer in the Netherlands.

A picknick in a city park

A relaxed spot in a beautiful city park, a bottle of wine and a lot of good food. If you ask us, there is nothing better than heading to a city park on a summer day and do nothing but relax. Take a good book and a blanket and you will entertain yourself for hours. Curious to see which are the nicest city parks in the Netherlands? We’ve collected them here for you.

Learn how to make culinary treats

Having a bite in a restaurant is nice, but knowing how to make a culinary delight yourself might be even more fun. To learn how to make good Italian food, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy. At the Cucina Italiana workshop at Italian restaurant Enoteca, given by Italian Chef Salvatore, you’ll learn how to prepare authentic Italian dishes. You can do this workshop with all your friends, because the workshop is available for a group of 8 to 20 people. Read more about Enoteca here.

Explore the coolest rooftop bars

We have a lot of rooftop bars in the Netherlands where you definitely want to crash for a good cocktail and a beautiful view. Check out our favourite rooftop bars in various cities in our city guides.

Visit food truck festivals

They are popping up all around the country: food truck festivals. In all forms and sizes. Popular ones like ‘Rrrollend’ and ‘TREK’ park their food trucks at various spots in the Netherlands. 

A day at the beach

We have so much nice and beautiful beaches in the Netherlands where you can enjoy yourself for hours. For that reason, a day at a beach is a must for your summer trip planning. Our version of a perfect beach day? Relaxing at one of the booming beach clubs along the ‘Zwarte Pad’ in Scheveningen. We bet that you will get the ultimate summer feeling right away.

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