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Sjoerd Dijkstra introduces private wine label

02 Oct 2019

 that is being servAs of now all Eden Hotels guests can enjoy extra quality, care and attention. In a wine glass. Le Capitan is the name of the new open wineed in all Eden hotels and restaurants. This special private label wine is the result of a close collaboration between Eden Hotels and wine importer LFE. 


Wine with character


With the guest in mind, Eden Hotels and LFE have selected two types of wine that are suitable for a wide audience, without compromising on character. The label and neck label, with an image of Sjoerd Dijkstra, has a modest and chic design and both the white and the red wine are of excellent quality. Le Capitan Sauvignon Blanc is aromatic and open, with a floral scent and a fresh taste. Ripe fruit such as yellow apple, melon, peach and some citrus in the aftertaste make it a juicy and invigorating wine. Le Capitan Merlot is a ripe, almost purple wine with notes of blackberries, black currants and figs. With the full, round and soft taste, this is the right choice for those who prefer red.


Tradition of care and attention


Eden founder Sjoerd Dijkstra is proud of "his" new wine: "Of course it doesn't happen every day that you see your own image on a wine bottle, but now that it happens in my case, I'm proud it's on Le Capitan. At Eden we like to distinguish ourselves. We go for quality and character, but also for unique details that give a stay with us exactly that little bit extra. A private label wine fits perfectly in that tradition of care and attention. The wine has been selected by an expert tasting panel and completely in line with the service that our guests expect from us and the quality that we want to offer them. And because both Eden and LFE have corporate social responsibility high on the agenda, you also drink sustainably with us!”

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