Our story

Sjoerd Dijkstra Foundation

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The start of the foundation

When he retired as an active hotelier in 2007, Sjoerd Dijkstra started a foundation to offer young people in the "magnificent trade" of hotelier as he likes to call it, a great start towards a successful career. That was the start of the Sjoerd Dijkstra Foundation, that was founded both due to his farewell as a hotelier and his 50th anniversary in the hospitality business.

The foundation now

Where before the foundation mainly focused on helping students in the hotel trade, nowadays the Sjoerd Dijkstra Foundation commits to a lot more projects. Social projects, that are always related to the hospitality industry. The partners of the foundation are socially inspired pioneers, with an venturous vision. Next to the financial support of the Sjoerd Dijkstra Foundation, employees of Eden Hotels use their knowledge and expertise to help partners of the foundation, to make a lasting difference for people. In the Netherlands and abroad.