Together against COVID-19

The health and well-being of our guests and colleagues is our main priority. Now and always. That's why we welcome guests in an appropriate manner and in accordance with all regulations of the Dutch government and RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). To guarantee the safety in our hotels we have put together “house rules”, making sure you will have a completely carefree and enjoyable stay.

Our house rules

1. 1,5 meter distance
Keep 1,5 meter distance, always and everywhere, of other guests and our colleagues.
2. Stay home when you have symptoms
Do you have a cold or other flu symptoms? Please stay at home. When we think that you might be showing symptoms, we can decide to not let you enter the hotel. In the emails that we'll send you prior to your stay we will already check how you are doing by asking you to fill in a form. Of course we will also do a check when you arrive to the hotel. 
3. Follow all directions
Follow all the directions of our colleagues, so we can ensure a safe environment for everyone.
4. Disinfect
At every entrance of the hotel there is a disinfection point. When entering the hotel first disinfect your hands and, where and if possible, your luggage. All areas are being disinfected frequently.
5. Our lobby policy
We kindly ask you to only enter the lobby when you really need to be there. Also then the 1,5 meter rule applies. Do you have any questions? Just dial number ‘9’ on your room phone or send us a Whatsapp message. Our colleagues are happy to help!
6. Prevent congregation
In addition to the 1,5 meter rule we ask you to prevent all forms of congregation as indicated by the RIVM.
7. Follow the indicated route
Marks in our hotels indicate the route. In addition to providing you with a map, our colleagues are more than willing to help with any kind of clarification about the route. 
8. Stay fit and take the stairs
When and if possible, always take the stairs instead of the elevator. The rules and regulations are visible outside and inside the elevators and/or stairways,
9. A delicious & completely safe breakfast
In our hotels we serve you a delicious breakfast, nice and safe at your own table. You can't start your day any better!
10. Pay without contact
You can only pay with debit or credit card, and preferably – when possible - contactless. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash at the moment.
11. Wear a face mask inside

In our hotels we want to set a good example. Because the number of infections is increasing we're wearing a face mask in- and around our hotels. To protect you, our colleagues and ourselves. Are you with us?

12. Support our local heroes

Now that the restaurants are temporarily closed you can, when staying with us, just have lunch or dine in our hotels. At a safe distance in the lounge or restaurant of the hotel or nicely in your room. Some hotels have their own restaurant, in others our colleagues have made a selection for you of their favourite neighbourhood restaurants. So have your favourite meal delivered, order a drink and enjoy the best that the neighbourhood has to offer.

13. Don't forget to smile and enjoy your stay!

Although some things are a bit different now, one thing will never change: at our hotels you can always count on a pleasant experience.


Good to know

We understand that in uncertain times plans change. That’s why on our own hotel websites we offer you the option to book your stay against flexible conditions, so you can cancel or reschedule your stay for free. Read here on which other advantages you can count when you book via our own website(s).

When you will eat in one of our restaurants or get together in one of our meeting rooms we will - according to the measures of the government - write down your contact details. Of course all our restaurants and meeting rooms have been set up in a way that you can easily keep a 1,5 meter distance. Because of the measures, some facilities within our hotels have limited availability. Everyday we are taking all precautions to ensure you'll have a completely safe, carefree and enjoyable stay. Of course hygiene throughout the entire hotel is now more than ever our number one priority. We encourage guests with questions or concerns regarding an upcoming reservation to contact the hotel where the reservation was made. By phone, Whatsapp or email; whichever form you prefer. Our colleagues are here for you 24/7! For the latest information about the coronavirus within the Netherlands we refer you the website of the RIVM.

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