6 fun road trips in the Netherlands

28 Jun 2022  |  To Do, Inspiration

Discovering new places, that ultimate feeling of freedom, beautiful surroundings and good company; we couldn't think of a reason not to go on a road trip in the Netherlands this summer! We have collected the most fun road trip routes through the Netherlands for you.

Road tripping through the Netherlands (including the best stops!)

Although going on a road trip in the summer might be extra attractive, planning a tour the Netherlands is a good idea all year round. After all, every season has its own charm. So grab your suitcase and car keys; we've mapped out 6 great road trips through the Netherlands for you (including the best stops!). Easy to combine with a night in one of our hotels, because - even though our hotels all have city centre locations - we always offer an easy parking solution for our guests. Always nearby. And... some of our hotels even offer private parking facilities!

1. There's nothing above Groningen

In Dutch we say: 'Er is niets boven Groningen.' Literally translated it means: 'There's nothing above Groningen', but it actually also means that nothing beats Groningen. At the very top of the Netherlands, you drive over endless dykes and through the most beautiful landscapes. Count on lots of green and water along the way and take in the space and tranquillity. Make stops at dreamy villages such as Lauwersoog, Niehove, Warffum and Garnwerd, drive to the Lauwersmeer National Park and definitely go and take a look at the seal nursery in Pieterburen. There is so much to see! And then we haven't even mentioned all the sights in the city of Groningen. Spend the night in the heart of the city centre, in the beautiful rooms of City Hotel Groningen. You can park in the hotel's own car park.


2. Mesmerising Twente

You can also start your tour in Groningen and then head down to Twente. In this region, you can marvel at the fruit farms and make a pit stop at the charming town of Ootmarsum. Sleep in the comfortable rooms of City Hotel Hengelo, where you can park your car conveniently opposite the hotel.


3. The Mergellandroute

Touring through the south of Limburg feels just like driving through French landscapes. Hilly areas, cute villages, babbling brooks and more than enough restaurants (with terraces) to pamper your inner food lover. The Mergellandroute takes you past the three countries in Vaals and passes typical South Limburg villages such as Epen and Slenaken. The route starts at Maastricht station, which is just a few minutes' walk from the Designhotel Maastricht. Parking is easy within walking distance of the hotel, of course the hotel is happy to help.


4. The Castle route and Elfstedenroute

Friesland (Frisia) is a province full of surprises. Not only because its capital Leeuwarden was named European Capital of Culture in 2018, but also because the province has over fifty castles and manor houses. And... You can visit six of these castles by following the Castles Route! This route starts in Leeuwarden and takes you through endless landscapes with amazing views of the castles. Also fun: the Elfstedenroute by car. Start your road trip in the lovely rooms of the Oranje Hotel in Leeuwarden (in the centre!) and park your car in the hotel's own car park (you have to book it in advance). Descend via Sneek, along the Frisian lakes, and then after Stavoren head north again. Continue along the famous route, stop at the harbour town of Harlingen and drive back to Leeuwarden via Dokkum. On the way, marvel at the beautiful waters and many boats.


5. Holland above Amsterdam

Although our capital is definitely worth the road trip, it is even nicer to visit the area above Amsterdam while you're at it. There is so much to discover! By avoiding the highway and driving along the winding roads, you will come across the most picturesque villages. Between the endless meadows you continue your route to De Rijp, once known for its herring fishermen and whalers. If you haven't been there yet, make a stop at the Zaanse Schans and set course for Amsterdam again. There you will sleep in one of our hotels in Amsterdam. Parking your car near the hotels is a piece of cake thanks to our colleagues.


6. 8-city tour

All the way from the south in Maastricht via Eindhoven, Hengelo, Rotterdam, and The Hague to Amsterdam, Leeuwarden and Groningen. How fun is it to discover the entire Netherlands with your own car? Through the highway you can cross the country in a couple of hours, but when you go "off route" you will be amazed at what you will see. Of course, you can sleep at Eden Hotels along your way; our colleagues make sure that you can easily park your car.


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