Our story

Our vision & mission


We want to be an essential part of the experience of our guests. To do so, we take into consideration all stakeholders and partners. Seen from the guest's perspective, this translates into: nobody wants to be a stranger in unknown or new surroundings; everyone wants to belong to somebody and recognises this sense of belonging.

Every guest feels 'one of the guys', is one-of-us. And every guest will be immersed in local customs and in the surroundings. Thus he feels completely at ease when staying with us.


Nobody knows the local area better than we do. Nobody knows more about our typical local customs than we do. And so nobody knows better where to find the interesting places and what the unexpected items are that give our guests that unique experience.

We all contribute to the experience of our guest. We make the guest feel completely at home and give him a sincere feeling that they can be themselves when staying with us. We are never intrusive and always treat everyone with respect, regardless of everyone's background. This way every guest will eventually say: "I felt a local amongst the locals for a short while" and value the stay with a 9.