Embark on a cultural adventure: The must-sees in The Netherlands

03 Feb 2023

Don’t you agree that museums are enchanting places? A place where art, history and culture collide to create a memorable experience. Take a break from the bustling city life and indulge in a day of cultural delight. We have listed our favourite exhibitions of the moment for you.

The Hague: Escher

Embark on a journey of mind-bending wonders of MC Escher, the master of optical illusions. Celebrate the special anniversary of his birth, 125 years ago, and immerse yourself in his breathtaking works. With the largest museum collection of Escher's work in the world, Kunstmuseum The Hague and Escher in het Paleis are the centre of this Escher year in The Hague. Get ready to be amazed by his famous prints full of impossible architecture, reflections and nature. And that's not all; this one-of-a-kind experience also has a magical twist created by Belgian artist duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Let the contrasts of day and night, which are a signature of Escher's work mesmerise you. Date: 18 February – 10 September 2023. 

Rotterdam: Patricia Piccinini - Metamorphosis

Opt for a visionary experience where the boundaries of reality and fantasy blur, at Patricia Piccinini's solo show at Kunsthal Rotterdam. Be wowed by Piccinini's larger-than-life installations, featuring hyper-realistic sculptures that spark a range of emotions. This exhibition is impressive, emotional, and surreal, a must visit when in Rotterdam. Date: 25 February – 4 June 2023

Groningen: Gianni Versace - Retrospective

Calling all fashionista’s! Get up close and personal with the incredible legacy of the legendary Italian fashion icon, Gianni Versace. Experience the imaginative flair of this fashion trailblazer in the Groninger Museum. Versace defied norms and shattered gender barriers with his daring designs. Immerse yourself in numerous outfits, accessories, fabrics, drawings,and film footage that bring fashion, pop, and design together in a breathtaking display of creativity. Be inspired and be a part of the Versace legacy. Date: Ongoing until 7 May 2023

Eindhoven: Rewinding Internationalism 

Experience the Rewinding Internationalism exhibition at the iconic Van Abbemuseum during your next trip to the City of Light. Visit the Rewinding Internationalism exhibition and delve into the fascinating developments, ideas, and stories of the 1990s that have shaped our present world. Think of the end of the Cold War, the AIDS pandemic and increasing globalisation that caused gigantic changes, including in art. The distinct design makes it clear that history is not linear and invites you on a personal expedition of discovery. Explore each room's unique story and atmosphere, from bright and hopeful to hauntingly dark. Step back in time and discover history in an unexpected way. Date: Ongoing until 30 April 2023

Amsterdam: Johannes Vermeer 

Never have you been able to see so many Vermeers together. Rijksmuseum unveils a collection of Johannes Vermeer's finest art, bringing 37 of his paintings to life in a compelling exhibition. Get up close and personal with each detail and dive into the spellbinding stories hidden in each stroke. His work is best known for his peaceful, introverted domestic scenes, his use of bright, colourful light and his convincing illusionism.  This is your chance to witness the Delft master's brilliance in all its glory. Be enchanted by the master of tranquil realism! Date: 10 February – 4 June 2023

Leeuwarden: Celebrate! 

The Princessenhof is one of our favourite museums in Leeuwarden. These months they are celebrating the year with a big exhibition that highlights the different ways the Netherlands celebrates. The museum exhibits what we celebrate, how we celebrate, and who we celebrate with. Explore the differences between 12 holiday celebrations, like Pesach and Devali. ‘Food and drinks always play an important role during any celebration. The best tableware will be used or Grandma’s signature dish will be served. Discover personal stories and learn about traditions that unite The Netherlands in celebration. You don't want to miss a party like that, do you? Date: Ongoing until 20 August 2023

Maastricht: Terry O’Neill - FAMOUS 

If you are a photography lover then you really can't skip Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof. Starting this month, it hosts the exhibition FAMOUS by well-known British celebrity photographer Terry O'Neill. Get ready to be fascinated by the breathtaking portraits of some of the most legendary icons of fashion, film and music. Experience how O'Neill, with his camera, captured the human side of celebrities such as The Beatles, Elton John and Audrey Hepburn in an unparalleled intimate way. Date: Ongoing until 10 September 2023

Hengelo: Street Art Route

Discover the city's hidden gems of creativity! What once started as a project to give the city centre more colour has evolved into a vibrant outdoor gallery. Go on the HeArtGallery adventure and explore a world of colour and tales at every corner. Walk past existing and temporary works of art and get to know Hengelo in a whole new way. Start your tour at the Tourist Information Point, Markt 8, or effortlessly download the map online and let your street art expedition begin!  

From the renowned Rijksmuseum to the contemporary Van Abbemuseum, there is something for everyone. Whether you are interested in paintings, fashion or photography, the Dutch museums offer surprising and immensely educational exhibitions. Experience the ultimate city break with our centrally located hotels, serving as your ideal home base for your urban getaway. Get ready to be inspired by the rich cultural history of the Netherlands

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