These are thé Instagram(mable) museums of Amsterdam

02 Aug 2022  |  Inspiration

Museums are more and more about experiences. Not only about showing art, but also about making visitors part of the art. And Amsterdam is bursting with feed-friendly Instagram museums. These are our favourites!

Instagram musea in Amsterdam

Many of today's exhibitions are (also) designed to appeal to the social media generation. Even the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has separate rooms where you can find blow-ups of iconic Van Goghs to take snapshots at. Instagram museums however go one step further; they are usually specially designed to be attractive to social media. And most of these Insta-museums are spread across Amsterdam. So plan your visit to our capital and get your phone ready: these are the best Instagram(-worthy) museums in Amsterdam!

1. The Upside Down Amsterdam 

With 1.500 square metres and 25 rooms and decors, The Upside Down Amsterdam is the biggest Instagram museum of Europe. This Insta-pearl has been founded by influencer Anna Nooshin and brings a homage to Dutch culture and its ups and downs of modern-day civilisation. For example, you can wander through a maze full of hate-filled comments that expose online bullying, and there are exhibitions with a social angle such as 'The Forgotten Child'. On the other hand, there are also plenty of "easy-breezy" rooms where you can dive into a ball pit or which are teeming with neon lights. All very Instagram-worthy!

2. Nxt Museum

At Nxt Museum in Amsterdam tech and art come together. The museum is completely dedicated to media art. Through sound, light and movements all your senses are stimulated and you can count on a true (Instagrammable) experience. Nxt is situated in a former production studio in the creative Amsterdam-Noord; the perfect location to experience media art.

3. WONDR Experience

WONDR Experience is an arty playground for adults and offers just the right mix of art and entertainment. In this Instagram museum in Amsterdam's city centre you can climb on paintings, sing karaoke or dance underneath a sky full of disco balls. Just about anything is allowed and equally photogenic.

4. Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is located in the museum heart of Amsterdam and stands for MOdern COntemporary. The museum displays the artworks of "influencers" of modern art movements such as street and pop art - always provided with a wink and a message. Think of art by Banksy and Warhol, but also of work by Keith Haring. In every room, no matter how small, you will find an exhibition - ranging from Instagram-worthy experience rooms with 3D techniques to artworks on the wall.

5. Amaze Amsterdam

At the newly opened Amaze, you will undergo an interactive audiovisual experience. Or, as organiser and producer ID&T calls it, a 'journey from head to heart'. On 3,000 square metres, visitors are taken on a journey through seven worlds of experience, filled with compelling audiovisual technology. And that does not only promise a special experience, but also very nice pictures.

6. Youseum

Youseum Amsterdam may be another Instagram museum in Amsterdam, but it's a little different from the other museums. At Youseum, everything truly revolves around you. Or rather, it challenges you to think critically about yourself as the centre of attention on social media. In Youseum, you can spend an hour wandering past, through and between the 30 different installations. You are the artwork, the artist and the critic. A very feed-friendly museum!

7. STRAAT Museum

STRAAT (meaning: STREET) definitely isn't an Instagram museum, but it sure is a very Instagrammable museum. It's the biggest streetart museum of the world and you can find there over 150 art works of 130 street artists from allover the world. It is located in a monumental Lasloods on the NDSM-Werf and one of the most famous works of art is that of Anne Frank, which you can spot right when you walk in.

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