The nicest city parks in The Netherlands

08 Jul 2019  |  To Do

Pull that picnic blanket out of your closet and take that bottle of wine from the fridge. Whether you live there or you are planning a trip to the Netherlands: we've made a list of the nicest city parks of the Netherlands.

Dakpark, Rotterdam

It takes a little bit of climbing, but then you can expect something in return. You can find Dakpark (in English: rooftop park) on the roof of a huge parking garage above mall centre BigShops in Delfshaven. And that gives you a spectacular view on Rotterdam and its famous harbours.

Oosterpark, Amsterdam

If you are planning a citytrip Amsterdam, you might have heard of Vondelpark. But there are so many more city parks to admire in Amsterdam. Oosterpark is a city park in Amsterdam which a lot of locals like to spend their weekends. Taking walks, having picknicks, play, run, meditate, read; it's all possible in Oosterpark.

Did you know that The Manor Hotel Amsterdam is very close to Oosterpark? And there you can find the best Italian restaurant of Amsterdam Enoteca. Hello Italian lunch!

Stadspark, Maastricht

For visiting Stadspark Maastricht you'll be needing quite some time. Stadspark Maastricht has six sub-parks. Besides it's just a very charming park to walk through, it also has a lot of extras to offer. Think: art, fortifications, a bird aviary and a deer camp.

Prinsentuin, Leeuwarden

When the sun is out you can find the biggest part of the Leeuwarden locals in city park Prinsentuin (in English: Garden of Princes). A nice park to just walk through, sunbath, picnic in or to admire the marina next to the park. Fun detail: every sunday in the summer months Prinsentuin is home to a locally famous concert called Prinsentuinconcert.

With a relaxed break, picnic or walking session in a city park you are sure to have complete city trip. What do you think of a city trip to Lonely Planet's favorite Dutch destination Leeuwarden or a romantic citytrip or shopping vacay in Maastricht?

Paleistuin, The Hague

The Paleistuin of The Hague (in English: Palace Garden) is the kind of park that you should really at least see once. You can find the park behind the palace (Paleis Noordeinde) and it has a royal allure. With its one-of-a-kind ambiance it is thé spot to really disconnect and distance yourself from the busy city life. Although the garden has three entrances, we suggest you taking the side-entrance of the Molenstraat. You'll find out why soon enough.

Stadswandelpark, Eindhoven

The Stadswandelpark of Eindhoven is a park that you don't want to miss while visiting Eindhoven. In the park you will find a garden of statues, lawns with a view on the water and a amazing spot meant for picnics. You can find the picnic spot between the Parktheater and Witte Dorp.

Stadspark Noorderplantsoen, Groningen

After a day of sightseeing and shopping there's nothing better than to go somewhere you can fully relax.  And there is no place more fit for doing that then Stadspark Noorderplantsoen in Groningen. This city park in is located in an ideal place in middle of the city, is filled with art and is frequently used for fun events.

Is your favorite city park in the Netherlands missing in this blog? Tell us!

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