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18 Jul 2018  |  City Guides

If there is a city in the Netherlands that is perfect for a citytrip, it has to be The Hague. Because where else can you find sandy beaches, a blue sea and a centre full of hotspots? In this The Hague City Guide we'll tell you how to experience your The Hague citytrip like a local.

The Hague – Restaurants & bars

Your citytrip The Hague just can't succeed without the right kind of food and drinks. Want to know which restaurants and bars are a must to have on your to-do list for a city trip in The Hague? Check out our list for more info!


Bleyenberg is not only a must-visit bar for drinking a good cocktail, it's also a real multifunctional spot. It's a rooftop, restaurant, coffee spot, cocktailbar, club and workspace in one. The floors are divided in different sections, that each refer to the function they used to have. The Kantine, The Office, The Magazine en The Roof. And might we add that this The Hague rooftopbar on the Grote Markt square also offers an amazing view?

Bleyenberg Den Haag | Grote Markt 10

Den Haag City Guide Bleyenburg
Pistache Café

Acai bowls, french toasts and buckwheat pancakes to start the day with or a nice panini and avocado toast for a well-deserved shopping break. At Pistache Café you can not only gaze at the romantic and fresh interior, but also at the beautifully made dishes. The dishes of this hotspot café on the Prinsestraat are made with mainly biological products. Look for a cosy spot inside or conquer on sunny days a place outside on the terrace.

Pistache Café Den Haag | Prinsestraat 134

Den Haag City Guide Pistache Café

MingleMush is the new foodhall of The Hague. An indoor hall where you can find 15 eateries and several arcade games, a library and a bar. Convenient, because the food hall is located on the Anna van Buerenplein next to the Central Station. In the middle of MingleMush is a stage where you can often enjoy performances of DJ's, live music and readings.

MingleMush Den Haag | Anna van Buerenplein 712

Den Haag City Guide Minglemush

Instock The Hague is against food waste. Every day Instock picks up wasted food and creates the most creative dishes. Not only a good initiative, but also a really tasty one. The restaurant looks out on the Binnenhof and has a fresh looking interior with old school chairs, a lot of wood and lots of plants. Good to know: there's always a vegetarian option on the menu.

Instock Den Haag | Buitenhof 36

Den Haag City Guide Instock
De Sushimeisjes

Sushi lover? Then you really have to visit restaurant De Sushimeisjes. At this hotspot in neighbourhood Zeeheldenkwartier you can eat fresh sushi in a nice setting. Good weather? On sunny days you can also head to the small terrace to satisfy your sushi cravings.

De Sushimeisjes Den Haag | Prins Hendrikstraat 96


Also a hidden gem is breakfast- and lunchroom SamSam on Het Noordeinde. Here you don't have to deal with the stress that comes with making decisions, because at SamSam you can also order half sandwiches. By using fresh local products this The Hague hotspot turns the most simple dishes into tasty treats.

SamSam Den Haag | Noordeinde 162

Den Haag City Guide SamSam

The Hague - Best Terraces

With a city centre full of terraces and Scheveningen beach right around the corner, The Hague is the ideal city to be outside. We're making an overview of the nicest terraces of The Hague.


There he is again. Because a list of the best The Hague terraces is not complete without the rooftopbar of Bleyenberg. We mean: is there anything better then to drink a good glass of wine or a cold beer while you are admiring the skyline of The Hague? We think not.

Bleyenberg Den Haag | Grote Markt 10

Den Haag City Guide Bleyenburg

Although the interior of Palmette is also worth admiring, the terrace of Palmette really is a gem when it comes to The Hague terraces. With good weather on this terrace you can enjoy the French orientated kitchen from early in the morning until late at night. And we can assure you that the dishes are very Instagrammable.

Palmette Den Haag | Plaats 27

Den Haag City Guide Palmette

Not that the Pier and Boulevard of Scheveningen aren't nice to explore, but the Zwarte Pad (meaning: black path) definitely has the hottest beach clubs. Our fav beachclub? Without a doubt Barbarossa. Barbarossa has that luxurious vibe that gives you that instant feeling you've landed in a beachclub in Saint Tropez. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or just take a sip from your cocktail while you are relaxing on a beach bed.

Barbarossa Scheveningen | Zwarte Pad 61

Den Haag City Guide Barbarossa

PHOTO: © Barbarossa

City and beach. A citytrip The Hague offers best of both worlds. And that's exactly what makes The Hague so ideal for a vacation. Babylon Hotel Den Haag is super centrally located in the city, right next to Den Haag Central Station, on a walking distance to the centre (and to all the hotspots and touristic highlights) and with the tram to Scheveningen at your doorstep. Or just take one of the bikes that you can rent at Babylon Hotel Den Haag! Looking for a hotel in The Hague? We would know which one to choose...

The Hague – Shopping

Although The Hague is full of all the well-known stores, the city also has lots of unique boutiques, cool concept stores and interior stores full of musthaves. Our favourite streets? The Vlamingstraat, the Denneweg en the Fred (als known as: Frederik Hendriklaan). We've made an overview of our fav shops of The Hague.


A store where it's impossible to leave without using your wallet is LISTed. A cool concept store located on the Molenstraat (also a lovely street!) in The Hague where you can score many musthaves. Drink a good cup of coffee or eat a sandwhich and meanwhile, get your hands on items of gorgeous brands like Samsøe & Samsøe, Anecdote, Love Stories and Anecdote. Shopping success guaranteed.

LISTed Den Haag | Molenstraat 36

Den Haag City Guide LISTed

Another concept store in The Hague that you just have to visit is COLLECTIV. The shop is being managed by 20 entrepeneurs and designers in the Prinsenstraat. What can you expect? Extremely original gadgets that you would all love to take with you. The cute coffee corner ensures a multiple hour visit.

COLLECTIV. Den Haag | Prinsestraat 5A

Den Haag City Guide Collectiv

Also BAR en ZO is a spot you can't skip during your citytrip The Hague. At the Prins Hendrikstraat in neighbourhood the Zeeheldenkwartier, vintage products meets good coffee. A concept that makes just about everyone happy and makes sure you might never want to leave. Personal advice and attention makes this store really stand out.

BAR en ZO Den Haag | Prins Hendrikstraat 103

Den Haag City Guide Bar en Zo

PHOTO: © LeukeTip

The Hague – To Do

In The Hague you have a lot to see and explore. You might already know you have to bring a visit to the Binnenhof, but do you know where you can find all the hidden gems? We made a selection of the must-visit places.

De Galerie Den Haag

Fan of modern art? Then you should really visit Galerie Den Haag on Noordeinde. The special thing about this gallery is that here you can admire outstanding pieces of art in a really relaxing atmosphere. 

De Galerie Den Haag | Noordeinde 69

Den Haag City Guide Kunst Atelier
Zwarte Pad

We already told you a little bit when we were writing about beachclub Barbarossa. The Zwarte Pad leads you along all the nice beachclubs of the South-Holland coast. The beachclubs at the Zwarte Pad are known for their hip setting, good food and nice parties.

Scheveningen | Zwarte Pad

Palace Garden

The Palace Garden The Hague (Dutch: Paleistuin) you can find behind the Palace Noordeinde. With its royal ambiance it is a very relaxing place to escape the busy city.

Paleistuin Den Haag | Prinsessewal

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden (Dutch: Japanse Tuin) is the eye-catcher of the Clingendael estate. Here you can admire rare trees and plants that really need to be put on picture. Because of the garden its vulnerability, the garden is open only 8 weeks per year. In spring and in fall. From the 13 until the 28 of october (2018) the garden is set to open again.

Japanese Garden The Hague | Clingendael 12a

Den Haag City Guide Japanse Tuin


What's more fun then spending your citytrip The Hague on the bike like a real Dutch local?

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